Here we go!

I’m Irina, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m a recently turned 30 year old mum to a cheeky little toddler, and soon to be mother of two. I still pinch myself to think I will have two under two which is such a blessing and what I anticipate to be a massive learning curve in itself!

I am real and honest about mental health as well as my physical journey into motherhood and beyond. Relating to others has helped me get through the ups and downs of my new role as a mother, and my dream is to create a community that is able to openly share and relate on their experiences in the hopes that it can help and inspire you too!

Being a Registered Occupational Therapist I’ve spent several years working with others to help them return to wellness and find meaning in their day to day activities. I am honest about resources, strategies, products & ideas that have worked for me, and I’m hoping to share my professional knowledge and real life experiences along with the antics of my day to day life to help motivate and empower others in an open and real way.

Like they say, it takes a village to raise a baby, so in this high Tech world we live in, why not utilise the resources we have to our advantage to help & inspire one another to get through the rollercoaster of mum life and be the best that we can be.